A Left-Handed Cannon With One’s Head Down

All three players, ranked 15th in the home run rankings this season, are hard to find their names. 사설토토 Kim Jae-hwan has nine home runs, Oh Jae-il has seven home runs, and Han Yu-seom has only two home runs. The high-priced left-handed big guns are sluggish side by side

At the end of the 2021 season, Han Yu-seom signed a multi-year contract with SSG. SSG gave Han Yu-seom a five-year, 6 billion won multi-year contract with one year left to acquire FA.

Han Yu-seom, who was the captain last year, led SSG to win the wire-to-wire integration. He batted .264 with 21 home runs and 100 RBIs in 135 games.

However, Han Yu-seom is sluggish with a batting average of 10% this season. He is rarely able to get out of the slump that started at the beginning of the season. He played in 65 games and batted .178, two home runs and 22 RBIs.It is limited to 251 and OPS.516. He failed to meet the regulation at-bats, and OPS is the lowest among 81 league hitters who have played more than 200 at-bats.

Han Yu-seom, who recorded 41 home runs in 2018, recorded 20 home runs for the second consecutive year last year, but his contact ability as well as his slugging power are serious.

He went down to the second division twice in mid-June and late July, but it did not work. Han Yu-seom, who returned to the first division on the 5th, has no hits in six at-bats in four games. In the match against NC on the 9th, he is losing the outfield competition by playing as a major defense.

At the end of the 2020 season, Oh Jae-il qualified for the FA and moved to the team by signing a four-year, 5 billion won contract with Samsung. In the first year of his transfer, he recorded 25 home runs in the 2021 season and 21 home runs last year, recording 20 home runs for the second consecutive year.

Oh Jae-il, who is in his third year of FA, is also bottoming out this season. In 69 games, he has a batting average of 178, seven home runs, 34 RBIs, and a .316 slugging percentage and OPS.593. Oh Jae-il is also responsible for Samsung’s poor performance, which stayed at the bottom and escaped from the bottom on the 10th.

Coach Park Jin-man, who was looking for the cause in the psychological sector by steadily giving opportunities despite his sluggishness, eventually sent Oh Jae-il down to the second division in mid-June. He pointed out technical problems, not psychological pressures anymore.

Oh Jae-il, who returned to the first division after readjusting from the second division for about 10 days, left the team again in early July due to a hamstring injury. It is a season in which sluggishness and injuries are not relieved.

Oh Jae-il returned to the first division on the 4th through rehabilitation for about a month. Since his return, he has recorded two hits in 17 at-bats (a batting average of 118). I haven’t made a twist point. He remained silent with no hits in three consecutive games, and recorded one hit in four at-bats each in the game against Doosan from the 8th to the 9th. Koo Ja-wook is fighting hard as the No. 1 batting average with a high batting average of .44 in the second half, and Oh Jae-il’s sluggishness is regrettable.

Kim Jae-hwan qualified for FA after the 2021 season, and Doosan signed a four-year, 11.5 billion won FA contract with Kim Jae-hwan. He gave Doosan the best treatment as the fourth batter.

Kim Jae-hwan, who batted .248 with 23 home runs and OPS.800 last year, is sluggish due to his career low performance this season. He has played in 90 games and has a batting average of .228, nine home runs, and an OPS of .700. This is the worst figure since 2016 when he became a full-time main player.

He is in a slump with a .24 batting average in 77 games in the first half and a .159 batting average in 13 games in the second half. His batting average was 1.72 percent in July and 11.5 percent in August. He was pushed out of the fourth batter and is now playing in the sixth batting order after the centerline.

With a home run against Samsung on the 9th. He went 2-for-4 with a multi-hit in 11 games. Doosan, which is competing for third place, has recently been excluded from the entry due to an injury. Coach Lee Seung-yeop has not given up his expectations for Kim Jae-hwan, saying, The time has come for Lee Jae-hwan to do it.

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