Ontario Confirms 2022 OSS And Outlook Series Date

Ontario Racing announced that one of the most exciting steak programs in Canada and North America will return this season. 카지노 The organization said its Prospect series, accompanied by the Ontario Cires Stakes, will officially return on the Confederation Cup weekend at Flamborow Downs on May 21 and 22, 2022.

Once again, there are four of the three-year-old Prospect Series classes that will be held during the race card on Saturday, May 21. The Confederation Cup takes place on Sunday 22nd, while it comes with the opening game of the grassroots series for the three-year-old passing colt. The two are expected to attract a lot of attention from horse owners and sports fans.

In addition, Ontario Racing said the Gold Series will kick off on May 30, 2022 at Woodbine Mohawk Park as the first leg of the 3-year-old Trot Colt. Trainer John Bax looks forward to continuing the momentum while second-year Trotking gelding curisolve wins three Gold Series divisions over two years. Thus, in 12 years, he earned CA$631,000 and was nominated for OBrien nomination.

Woodbine Mohawk Parkhill will host the grassroots semi – finals on September 22 and 23, with the championship set to take place a week later, with the oss season ending with a gold super final on October 15 at Milton Track. In addition, trademark events for tracks in the province, such as Kinface Final, Arrow Trot, and Indust Day, will be held along with the legs of the gold, grassroots, and Prospect series.

Ontario Racing announced several changes to its OSS program. A 1 % prize will be awarded to the horse who finished 6th to last in this year’s Gold Super Final and the grassroots championship. In the Gold and grassroots series category, which has 11 starters or multiple trailers, a 1% prize is also awarded to the horse who finished sixth to last.

Finally, the Standard Breed Investment Program Committee has decided to increase funding for a single Gold Series division with 11 horses or multiple trailers to CA$19,000. The other single gold series division will once again compete for CA$15,000. We also notified that the start fee for the Prospect Series remains CA$100, while the start fee for the Grassroots Series is now CA$400 and CA$900.

In January, Ontario horse racing started the new year under a new health and safety protocol. Racetracks across the state must operate at limited capacity due to local orders from January 5, 2022. In the case of outdoor areas, guests had to book, and the maximum number of spectators had to be 50% of the total, so it had to be closed for visitors.

On the last day of 2021, the Ontario Alcohol and Game Commission announced the date of its last approved race for the 2022 live racing season. For example, under the new calendar, Woodbine Mohawk Park will host a total of 223 days of Standard Bread Racing in 2022, while Woodbine Race Track will host 133 days of Thoroughbred Racing.

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