Korea Won Its First Trophy in 14 Years

Shin Jin-seo 9 dan beat Shaker 9 dan in 226 moves and won the final 2-0 shutout in the second round of the final round of the 9th Ngsi Cup World Baduk Championships held at Sunker Byeoljang in Changning-gu, Shanghai, China on the 23rd. 스포츠토토핫

The second team was a complete victory for Shin Jin-seo 9 dan. Shaker 9 dan came out with a post-tack operation in Sunsil-ri, but he was dragged around under pressure from Shin Jin-seo 9 dan due to the failure of the operation. After that, he shook the board, but eventually won the stone due to Shin Jin-seo’s cool finish.

Shin Jin-seo, a 9-dan player who won two games in the third round of the finals, also overturned her opponent against Shaker 9-dan with two wins and one loss.

Shin Jin-seo, who lost 1-2 to China’s Gutzhao 9th grader in the third round of the Lancashire final in June, won the Ngsi Cup championship cup after desperate efforts, increasing the number of major world championships to five.

Immediately after the match, the award ceremony was held at the Naval Club Hall of the Columbia Circle near the venue. Shin Jin-seo, a 9-dan player who won the championship, was given $400,000 about 536 million won, the highest prize money in a single tournament, and a trophy for the championship. The runner-up Shaker 9th grader was awarded $100,000 in runner-up prize money and a runner-up trophy.

The finals of this tournament were scheduled to kick off in April 2020, but five months later, in September, in the aftermath of COVID-19, they played the 28th to 8th round, and in the semifinals that followed in January 2021, they decided on the finalist Shin Jin-seo 9th dan and Shaker 9th dan.

Unlike the 28th to 4th round of the finals held online, the final was held in Shanghai, China, about three years after the opening of the tournament with the willingness of the organizers to play the final face-to-face, and ended the long journey with Shin Jin-seo 9th grader winning the final cup.

With Shin Jin-seo’s 9th dan victory, South Korea succeeded in regaining the championship cup, which was handed over to China for two consecutive tournaments (7·8 times), for the first time in 14 years since 2009, recording six career wins. In the meantime, South Korea, including the first winner Cho Hoon-hyun 9 dan, Seo Bong-soo, Yoo Chang-hyuk, Lee Chang-ho, and Choi Chul-han 9 dan, has won five times, and China, including Changhao, Fan Ting-yu, and Tang Wei-hsing 9 dan, has won three times.

The time limit for the 9th Eungsi Cup World Baduk Championships, hosted by the China Crisis Association and the Eungchang Crisis Education Fund and organized by the Shanghai Crisis Association, Eungchang Crisis Education Fund, and Changning District People’s Government, was given three hours each.

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