Jung Chan-sung And His Wife Hugged And Said Let’s Stop.

Jung Chan-sung had a main event match with featherweight No. 1 Max Holloway at UFC on ESPN 52 at Indore Stadium in Singapore from 6 p.m. on the 26th and suffered a TKO defeat by a 23-second punch in the third round. Shortly after the match, Jung Chan-sung officially announced his retirement in a cage interview.

Jung Chan-sung, who finished the first round well with a right angle, collapsed after being hit by Holloway’s right straight punch, which entered around 28 seconds after the start of the second round, but ended the second round with great mental strength and grit. However, he entered a strong attack at the beginning of the third round and was knocked unconscious and collapsed by Holloway’s right near his left temple. 토토사이트

Shortly after the game, Jung Chan-sung officially announced his retirement in a cage interview, saying, I thought I would cry, but I don’t cry. I thought I could beat Holloway when I was aiming to be a champion, and I prepared without regret. I’m a player who plays to become a champion, not a third, fourth, or fifth place. I think it’s time for me to stop not beating the top ranker, he said.

After the interview, Jung Chan-sung, who bowed deeply in the cage and cried after not getting up for a long time, slowly came down the cage. The first person who was waiting for him was his wife.

Jung Chan-sung shed tears when he saw her, who had been sitting behind her so that she could concentrate only on exercising. And he hugged his wife tightly and said something.

Netizens saw Jung Chan-sung’s mouth and said, Good job. Let’s stop it, he speculated. After saying something to his companion for a long time that it was really the last time, he hugged him tightly and showed tears, which was a scene where even Anti, who hated Jung Chan-sung, could not help but cry. Thus, the legend that went up to the highest point in the Korean fighting machine left.

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