[Women’s World Cup] Amid ‘elimination threat’, Bell focuses on ‘future’ with Pair, Chun, etc.

CAMPBELLTOWN Australia By Lee Ji-jin Reporter = “Finish, finish!”That’s what coach Colleen Bell said to her strikers, who are the “future” of the South Korean women’s soccer team, at the training center on Wednesday.The team, led by Bell, practiced for about an hour at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on the outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.The team returned to their base camp in Campbelltown at around 11 p.m. after playing Morocco (0-1 loss) the previous day at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, South Australia.Bell, who met with the entire squad for about 30 minutes just before training, was mindful of the short rest and gave his players “free time” after the hard-fought match.Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC), who felt pain in her foot after a collision during a contest in Morocco, refrained from doing any strenuous movements and warmed up with Park Eun-sun (Seoul Metropolitan Government) by playing a game of futsal.Kim Hye-ri (Incheon Hyundai Steel) and Cho So-hyun (Tottenham) also focused on stretching to loosen tight muscles and relieve fatigue.Instead, Bell focused on the players who didn’t play, or who played less timeIn particular, he focused on improving the goal-decision skills of the attackers, including Casey Eugene Fair (PDA), Chun Garam (Hwacheon KSPO), Kang Chae-rim (Incheon Hyundai Steel), and Bae Ye-bin (Widok University).With goalposts on either side of an area with two penalty boxes side by side, Bell pushed the strikers to finish as soon as they received the ball.”Finish, finish, finish,” Bell repeatedly shouted, and Fair, Chun, Garam, and others sprinted up and down both 카지노사이트킹 sides of the box, firing hard shots in front of goalkeeper Yoon Young-gl (BK Hecken).Even after the main players stretched and left the field, the reserves continued to work hard until the end, repeating the 70-meter sprint several times.While Pair was mostly in first place, Chun Gar-ram, who was named the No. 1 rookie of the WK League for women’s unemployment soccer at the end of last year, was fiercely pursuing Pair.”I wanted to play more, and I played hard because I wanted to improve my physical condition,” Chun said.Meanwhile, goalkeeper Ryu Ji-soo (Seoul Metropolitan Government), who tore a ligament in his ankle while blocking a shot by Park Eun-sun in training on Aug. 28, left for South Korea this morning.Key defender Lim Sun-ju (Incheon Hyundai Steel), who withdrew from the squad shortly before kickoff against Morocco due to calf pain, was also unable to participate in training. Lim, who is suspected to have a muscle tear, will undergo a medical examination later in the day.With two losses in Group H of the FIFA World Cup Australia-New Zealand, South Korea’s chances of advancing to the round of 16 are slim.The national team (ranked 17th) will play its final group game against FIFA No. 2 Germany at Brisbane Stadium in Queensland, Australia, on March 3. They will need to win by five goals or more to advance to the round of 16.

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