“Superman” Park Joo-ho’s Hot Goodbye…”I was happy”

“Superman” Park Joo-ho’s Hot Goodbye…”I was happy”

Park Joo-ho of Suwon FC, a former member of the national soccer team, had an official retirement match against his former team Ulsan Hyundai.His children who appeared on entertainment programs were also very interested in his fans.I celebrated the end of my career with my children.

“I was happy to have you”, “Goodbye Captain Park Joo Ho”. Huge and Park Joo-ho’s uniforms with the hearts of fans were hung.Park Joo-ho’s eyes eventually turned red when a video containing his performance was shown on the electronic display.Na-eun, Gun-hoo, and Jin-woo’s three children gave flowers, and even Ulsan players, the away team and the old team, wore T-shirts with Park Joo-ho on them to make “Park Joo-ho Day.”When the kick-off whistle rang and the electronic display clock pointed to the number “6 minutes,” including Park Joo-ho, a standing ovation poured out.Park Joo-ho, who came out wearing the captain’s armband, encouraged the players until the last game and did not mind a rough physical fight.However, Ulsan, the league’s No. 1 player, had a strong offensive power.In the first half, Yoon Bit-garam scored the first goal with a great volley shot, but Ulsan turned the game around with consecutive goals by Martin Adam, Joo Min-kyu and Baco in the second half.Park Joo-ho was replaced in the extra time of the second half with applause from home fans, and the game ended in a defeat by Suwon FC, the final score of 1 to 3.Although the team lost, Park Joo-ho stayed until the end to thank the fans, and his teammates cheered for his senior’s future with a rinse.<Park Joo-ho / Suwon FC> “My friend in Japan contacted me and said, ‘I saw the news about retiring,’ and it was Shinji Kagawa… In the case of Na Eun, she said as a joke, “What are you going to make my dad’s money from now on?” But she hugged me saying that she worked really hard….”Park Joo-ho, who played in 127 K-League games for Ulsan and Suwon FC after returning after playing 40 games and 9 years in overseas leagues with the Taegeuk mark.Now, I take off my soccer shoes and spend time with my wife and three children fighting cancer, and start designing the second act of life.


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