Soldier Wagner, who crossed Belarus, trained with special forces on the Polish border

Soldier Wagner, who crossed Belarus, trained with special forces on the Polish border

Wagner Group units, a Russian mercenary company that caused armed rebellion, have moved to Belarus one after another since last week, three weeks after the failed rebellion.Belarusian Defense Ministry says it has begun joint exercises with Wagner’s mercenaries.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry released a video on the 20th, saying that Wagner Group’s mercenaries and Belarusian special forces have begun joint training.

Wagner instructors with masks are training Belarusian soldiers with armored vehicles and drone equipment.

Belarusian Soldiers: “People who have recently returned from ‘special military operations’ have undoubtedly had a wealth of combat experience and up-to-date information. It’s very valuable information for us. We’re trying to absorb and analyze everything as much as possible like a sponge during training.”

The training is only five kilometers from the border of NATO-member Poland.

In this Polish village, just across the river, you can hear the sound of shells and helicopters flying.

Poland has been on high alert by deploying two brigades to the border, but residents are in anxiety and panic.

Agatha Moroz / Polish Border Village Representative> “I’m afraid. I have a son who is in the army. I’m worried about my son. I have a grandson, too.”

Meanwhile, Wagner, the group’s chief of staff, known as “Marx,” said on Telegram that up to 10,000 troops would be heading to Belarus.

He said a total of 78,000 troops participated in the Ukrainian war, of which 22,000 were killed and 40,000 wounded.


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