Professional basketball Seoul SK, SK Love Volunteer Group Fund Delivery Ceremony

Kim Seung-taek, secretary-general of SK Knights, and Jeong Se-yul, head of the Songpa-gu Volunteer Center, participated in the fund delivery ceremony. 토토사이트

As part of ESG management, SK Knights has continuously supported various low-income households in Songpa-gu by setting aside funds for the SK Love Volunteer Group, in which spectators participate in home games every season.

He said, “It was helpful to raise the position of the hand in the event of a strike. “As the position of the hand is high, the bat stays in the strike zone for a little longer, and it seems to be coping well with breaking balls,” he explained. He was at bat with two outs and a full base, which was losing 1-3. Martin said, “It was such an important situation that I tried to make the strongest pitch possible. “I think it led to a regular hit and turned out to be a good result (home run),” he said with a smile.

On the same day that Martin had a one-man show, his parents visited Korea on the 24th to watch his son’s game in the United States. It was the first time that Martin’s parents saw their son play in Korea. Martin’s father laughed out loud, saying, “I’m so happy to see my son hit a home run that’s important for the team to win.” His mother said, “He is happy to play in the KBO League. I’m glad to see him like that. “I was sad because I missed Martin when he left the U.S. and came to the Korean league,” he said.

Finally, Martin’s parents said, “I think I will be in Korea until this year. “We want to go back to the U.S. after seeing our son Martin play in the Korean Series,” he said, hoping for NC’s good performance.

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