Jung Chan-sung, who is about to play Holloway…”I won without a doubt”

Jung Chan-sung, who is about to play Holloway…”I won without a doubt”

Korean Zombie UFC fighter Jung Chan-sung will face featherweight No. 1 Holloway in Singapore on the 26th of next month.

Both fans and players are looking forward to this match.

<Jung Chan-sung / UFC Fighter> “We’ve been together in the top 10 for almost 10 years. It’s kind of amazing that (the confrontation) didn’t come true.”

It is Max Holloway who made Jung Chan-sung’s heart warm again, who even thought about retirement right after his defeat against champion Volkanovski.

The two players are playing as top rankers on the UFC stage at the same time, but they rarely have a chance to face each other.

<Jung Chan-sung / UFC Fighter> “He is the best player in the world in terms of striking techniques and such.” It’s number one in all weight classes.”

The opponent is the world’s top fighter, but he definitely has weaknesses.

<Jung Chan-sung / UFC Fighter> “Since I’m a player who throws a lot of punches, I think I have a lot of chances to hit the counter, and I’m practicing a lot of things that make me confused.”

For the match against Holloway, Jung Chan-sung chose domestic training at his second gym, which he recently opened.

<Jung Chan-sung / UFC Fighter> “In fact, the facility is better than the U.S. This is a hotel building, so they provide rooms and meals with the best ingredients…”

The sparring partner is Hong Joon-young, a student, a two-group champion of mixed martial arts in Korea, and an actor who also appears in the movie Crime City 3.

<Jung Chan-sung / UFC Fighter> “It’s hard to find a sparring partner like Junyoung (hard to find) Holloway’s height and style, and the biggest thing is to listen to me…”

Jung Chan-sung has been waiting for this game since Holloway to the point where he can’t think of an opponent he wants to fight against.

While acknowledging the public opinion of Underdog, he was confident that he would be the final winner of the five-minute, five-round Octagon fight.

<Jung Chan-sung / UFC Fighter> “I’m preparing to win without a doubt of 1%. If you know that, I think you can enjoy the game.”


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