OTTs jumping into sports, competing for comprehensive entertainment content beyond simple broadcasting

“Trend to segment tastes and emphasize solidarity” Coupang Play-TVing match preview for the second half of the year

Coupang Play ‘Couple Pick’

Domestic online video services (OTTs) that have entered the sports broadcasting market are overcoming the hurdle of criticism over paid services with comprehensive entertainment content targeting young sports fans.

Through its original content ‘Couple Pick’, Coupang Play utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology for K-League broadcasting, provides analysis data such as pass distribution, and adds entertainment attractions with spectacular guests, and is evaluated as having captured both professionalism and fun.

Typically, soccer broadcasts air commercials for 15 minutes at halftime after the end of the first half, but for Couple Pick games, the viewing experience is diversified by broadcasting a preview show 1 hour and 15 minutes before the game and a halftime show at halftime.

Coupang Play is also working to evolve sports content into comprehensive entertainment content by selecting Couple Pick guests that are timely, supporting soccer creators, selecting witty ending songs, and supporting real-time chat functions.

Last month, in a survey conducted by the Media Research Center of the Korea Press Foundation on the perception of paid sports streaming, Coupang Play ranked first with 81% in the service satisfaction category by OTT. The Korea Professional Football League awarded him an appreciation award for his contribution to the success of the K-League.

Thanks to the exclusive broadcast of domestic professional baseball and the success of the drama ‘Seonjae Jump’, TVING became a hot topic by ranking first in the OTT industry in daily viewing time on the 28th of last month, beating even Netflix.

The competition between the two companies for sports content is becoming more heated by the day, with the company surpassing Coupang Play in the number of monthly active users (MAU) in April and ranking first in eight months.

Unlike during exhibition games, TVING has been providing a stable broadcasting service since the season opened, providing statistical results such as the initial speed, velocity, and direction of rotation of pitches, and providing content such as ‘pitch tracking data’ that compares the pitching postures of both teams with a 4D cam to improve baseball. It attracted fans.

Preview shows that take place an hour before the game, review shows in which casters and panelists review the day’s game, and on-the-go live shows that convey the vivid atmosphere behind home plate have also gained popularity.

As can be seen in the cases of Coupang Play and TVing, Generation Z sports fandom wants detailed content that goes beyond simple viewing.

According to a report analyzing sports fandom by Deloitte last January, 61% of Gen Z sports fans watch sports content with other fans, and 33% enjoy exchanging opinions with fans in real time during games.

It goes beyond simply watching broadcasts and forms bonds by actively accessing a variety of expanded content, such as specific players and behind-the-scenes stories.

An OTT industry official said on the 10th, “You can now enjoy an interactive viewing experience without restrictions such as location or time by watching broadcasts that you used to watch on existing TV on OTT.” He added, “Content consumption segmented according to each individual’s favorite sport, team, and player is increasing.” “It’s a trend,” he said.

Competition in sports events between Coupang Play and TVing in the second half of the year is already heating up.

TVING is trying to attract soccer fans by exclusively broadcasting all games of ‘Euro 2024’ and ‘2024 Copa America’, which will determine the strongest soccer teams in Europe and South America, respectively.

Coupang Play is hoping that the ‘Coupang Play Series’ will play a fruitful role once again through the friendly match between Tottenham Hotspur and Bayern Munich, which is attracting attention due to the match between Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. 토토사이트

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