‘Super team’ KCC holds first place in the regular league and advances to the championship game with ‘one win left’

It’s a shame Heo Woong

Busan KCC was just one win away from becoming the first team ranked 5th in the regular league to advance to the championship game.

KCC won 102-90 in the home game against Wonju DB in the 3rd game of the 2023-2024 Cheong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball Semifinal Playoffs (PO, 3 wins out of 5) held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 19th.

KCC, who won the 1st and 3rd games, has a 2-1 lead, so if they win the remaining 4th and 5th games, they will become the first team ranked 5th in the regular league to advance to the championship game.

In the semifinal PO of the best-of-five series of professional basketball games launched in 1997, the team that won the third game after one win and one loss advanced to the championship game 19 times out of 21, which is a 90.5% probability.

On the contrary, DB, which took first place in ‘Wire to Wire’ without losing the first place since the opening of the regular season, was on the edge of ending the season if it lost one more time.

In the previous 26 seasons, there were only two instances where the top player in the regular league failed to advance to the championship game.

KCC, who led 57-51 in the first half, widened the lead due to Choi Jun-yong’s outstanding performance at the end of the third quarter. 스포츠 토토사이트

Choi Jun-yong, who received free agent (FA) status from Seoul SK ahead of this season and wore a KCC uniform, scored a 3-pointer with 1 minute and 28 seconds left in the third quarter to lead 76-70, and then made 7 consecutive 2-point shots. He was the only player responsible for scoring the points, giving KCC an 83-70 lead until the third quarter.

DB, trailing 58-64, was shaken when Kim Jong-gyu, a key player of the team, was sent off for five fouls too early with 5 minutes and 41 seconds left in the third quarter.

KCC took a 13-point lead at the end of the third quarter with Choi Jun-yong’s seven consecutive points, but even after the start of the fourth quarter, La Gun-ah and Choi Jun-yong widened the gap to 87-70 in the early going, foreshadowing an easy victory.

DB scored its 70th point with Didrick Lawson’s free throw 1 minute and 52 seconds before the end of the 3rd quarter, and then went on to score 11 points in a row against KCC for nearly 5 minutes until Lawson scored another 3-pointer about 2 minutes 46 seconds after the start of the 4th quarter. The ‘scoring drought’ that gave up points became a fatal blow.

For KCC, La Gun-ah scored 27 points and 10 rebounds, and Choi Jun-yong scored 25 points. Heo Woong also showed active offense, scoring 19 points, with a total score exceeding 100 points.

For DB, Lawson played hard with 25 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists, but Kim Jong-gyu only scored 4 points, and the rebound battle was pushed to 25-32. 성인웹툰

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