Park Jun-yong, On a 4-Fight Winning Streak in UFC

Park Jun-yong, 32, has won four straight fights in the UFC with three consecutive finishes.

Park defeated Albert Durayev (34-RUS) via rear-naked choke submission at 4:45 of the second round of their middleweight (83.9 kg) bout at UFC Fight Night: Home vs. Bueno Silva at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday (Nov. 16).

It was Park’s fourth straight victory, tying the record for the longest winning streak by a Korean held by Chung Chan Sung, Choi Doo Ho and Kim Dong Hyun.

The winning formula of striking pressure and submission victories was on display again.

Park struggled with Durayev’s powerful left hook and leg kick early in the first round, but he gradually increased the intensity of his pressure. He came close to forcing a tap before the end of the round with a powerful guillotine choke.

Entering the second round, Durayev was visibly tired. Tired of the pressure, Durayev tried to wrestle, but it didn’t work for Park. Park continued to jab and press Durayev against the cage, unleashing a barrage of strikes. Eventually, a body shot and elbow followed by a left hook dropped Durayev.

Park immediately took the back position and applied a rear-naked choke. At first, Durayev’s defense seemed to be stymied, but Park continued to try and force his opponent to tap.

Expectations for a move up the middleweight rankings are high. With a four-fight winning streak and a UFC record of 7-2, Park’s next bout could be the one to break into the top 15 middleweight rankings.

“I came out exactly as I trained in the gym. My sparring routine is to pressurize my opponent with strikes to deplete his stamina and then finish him with submissions if he goes to the ground.”

“I like to drink alcohol, and it’s a dance I do sometimes when I’m drunk,” Park said, showing off his pelvic swaying dance routine. “I want to drink Champs Elysees red in Sundaek, and soju is expensive in Las Vegas, so I’ll drink it in Korea,” he laughed. 토토사이트

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