Will Hanwha coach Kim Gyeong-moon reach his 900th win against his ‘parent’ Doosan?

SSG Choi Jeong and KIA Choi Hyeong-woo face off against veteran sluggers in Incheon

KB0 Manager Kim Kyung-moon wins his return as manager

Recently, the person receiving the most attention in the Korean Professional Baseball KBO League is Kim Gyeong-moon, the new head coach of the Hanwha Eagles.

Veteran coach Kim Kyung-moon, who has been in charge of Hanwha since the 4th, is expected to travel between Jamsil and Daejeon this week as well, receiving the attention of many fans.

Hanwha will play a three-game weekday game against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul from the 11th to the 13th, and a three-game weekend game against the SSG Landers at home on the 14th to 16th.

Doosan is a club where manager Kim Gyeong-moon began his professional career as a catcher in 1982 (the club name at the time was OB) and debuted as a manager in 2004.

Coach Kim Gyeong-moon led Doosan from June 2004 to 2011 and achieved 512 wins (432 losses, 16 draws) in 960 regular season games. 메이저사이트

Coach Kim, who was appointed as the first head coach of the NC Dinos in August 2011 and led the team from 2013, when NC entered the first team, to June 2018, achieved 384 wins (342 losses, 14 draws) in 740 games.

Before taking office as Hanwha head coach, coach Kim Kyung-moon’s records were 896 wins, 774 losses, and 30 draws in 1,700 games.

Last week, Hanwha won a sweep in a three-game series against KT Wiz on the weekday, but faltered with two losses and a draw in the three-game series against NC Dinos on the weekend.

Coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who quickly accumulated 899 wins, has not yet reached the 900-win mark as he was unable to add one win in the three-game series over the weekend.

The next opponent is Doosan, which has a close relationship with coach Kim Kyung-moon.

Manager Seung-Yeop Lee and Manager Gyeong-Moon Kim, who are currently leading Doosan, ‘share passionate memories.’

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, then national team coach Kim Gyeong-moon placed Lee Seung-yeop, who had performed poorly throughout the preliminaries, in the starting lineup in the semifinals against Japan.

Lee Seung-yeop, who had three at-bats in the semifinals with a strikeout, double play, and strikeout, hit a comeback-winning two-run shot against Japanese closer Hitoki Iwase in the bottom of the eighth inning with one out and one on first base when the score was tied 2-2.

Lee Seung-yeop shed tears during the post-game interview, leaving those around him solemn, and coach Kim Kyung-moon hugged Lee Seung-yeop deeply.

Once the guns were opened, there was nothing to worry about. Lee Seung-yeop hit the final two-run shot in the top of the first inning in the final against Cuba the next day, and Korea won the Olympic gold medal.

Now, coach Kim Kyung-moon and coach Lee Seung-yeop face off as ‘commander’.

If coach Kim Kyung-moon gets one win in the three-game series during the week, he will become the sixth coach in KBO League history to reach 900 wins.

Former coach Kim Eung-yong holds the record for the most wins by a KBO coach with 1,554 wins (1,288 losses, 68 draws), followed by Kim Seong-geun (1,388 wins, 1,203 losses, 60 draws) and Kim In-sik (978 wins, 1,203 losses, 45 draws). , Kim Jae-bak (936 wins, 830 losses, 46 draws), and former coach Kang Byeong-cheol (914 wins, 1,015 losses, 33 draws), a total of five players reached 900 wins before coach Kim Gyeong-moon. 온라인 슬롯

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