The Record is At Its Peak, But After Ahn Chi-hong’s 7.2 Billion Contract, Why is The News of Yang Seok-hwan Quiet

Where will Yang Seok-hwan’s destination be. The FA market has opened. The stove league has heated up. 사설토토 Veteran Jeon Jun-woo signed a four-year, 4.7 billion won contract with the original fastball team Lotte Giants, signaling a signal. Ahn Chi-hong, who belonged to the same Lotte, chose to go to the Hanwha Eagles on a six-year, 7.2 billion won condition that exceeded the public outlook, sparking the market. The floodgates seemed to have been fully opened as the closer Kim Jae-yoon declared to go to the Samsung Lions for four years and 5.8 billion won. However, it has been quiet since then. In particular, there is no news about Yang Seok-hwan, who was considered the big fish in both fielders and pitchers. There are no special rumors, let alone contracts, raising questions.

In terms of the record, it must be the biggest fish. From the 2021 season, he wore a Doosan Bears uniform and hit 28-20-21 home runs. Considering that the spacious Jamsil is used as a home, 30 home runs are sufficient in other stadiums. His batting average and RBIs are not bad either. It’s definitely not Ghostile. He joined the professional league as a third baseman. There is no problem with first base defense. It is a customized resource for teams looking for a big first baseman. Ahn Chi-hong, the main character of 7.2 billion won, recorded eight home runs and 63 RBIs last season. Yang Seok-hwan has 21 home runs and 89 RBIs.

However, looking at the current market situation, it is unclear whether Ahn Chi-hong’s contract of 7.2 billion won can be exceeded. Hanwha Eagles, Lotte Giants, and KIA Tigers were selected as the teams that would want Yang Seok-hwan. Hanwha had to reinforce its batting lineup, and Lotte and KIA did not have adequate first base resources. In the case of Lotte, Kim Tae-hyung, the new manager, was also connected.

However, Hanwha has already caught An Chi-hong. If Yang Seok-hwan comes here, the position overlap becomes too severe. Lotte announced its withdrawal from recruiting outside FA. KIA is also experimenting with Lee Woo-sung’s first base, lowering its interest in the FA first baseman. KIA is determined not to participate in excessive competition. In addition, Doosan, an elementary fastball team, is also wary of overpay. Ransom goes up only when there is competition, but the current trend is not in favor of Yang Seok-hwan.

Still, he is a batter with more than 20 home runs guaranteed, so the ransom will not fall ridiculously. It is expected that a four-year contract of about 5 billion won will be sufficient. There are also variables. We don’t know when or how the teams’ stand will be different. Taking KIA as an example, if negotiations with internal FA Kim Sun-bin go wrong, there may be room for interest in Yang Seok-hwan. In addition, for a ransom that is not as high as expected, teams that will suddenly jump into the recruitment race may come out. Since market conditions have to be watched, there is a good chance that the Yang Seok-hwan contract will flow into a long-term war.

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