Gangnam Police Station Confirms Receipt of The Truth Battle of The Assault on Minors

Choi Seon, Kim Ha-sung’s legal representative, said on the 12th, The law firm sued Lim Hye-dong on behalf of Kim Ha-sung on charges of violating the Information and Communication Network Act defamation against Lim Hye-dong, a former professional baseball player, for spreading false facts related to Kim Ha-sung through a number of interviews and reporting false evidence pictures to the media. 토토사이트

Choi Sun-eun, a law firm, said, The complaint against Lim Hye-dong was sent on December 11, 2023, and it was confirmed that it was received at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station today December 12, 2023, adding, This case is an issue in which Kim Ha-sung, who was damaged by Lim Hye-dong’s criminal activities, sued Lim Hye-dong to prevent further damage.

Kim Ha-sung was recently embroiled in a controversy over his junior assault. The incident began two years ago with the revelation of Lim Hye-dong, a junior who used to be a member of Kiwoom Heroes. In the past, there was a scuffle at a drinking party where Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong sat together. Since then, Lim Hye-dong has asked Kim Ha-sung for settlement money by taking issue with the assault.

Kim Ha-sung, who was about to advance to the Major League at the time, paid settlement money to Lim Hye-dong and tried to settle the case. However, Lim Hye-dong continued to demand money from Kim Ha-sung. In response, Kim Ha-sung’s legal representative said, We recently filed a complaint against a junior professional baseball player on charges of racketeering and attempted racketeering, and completed a police investigation to prevent further damage.

At the time, Choi Sun-jae, a law firm, claimed, At that time, the opponent player threatened Kim Ha-sung by taking advantage of his military status and demanded money in the name of the settlement, and Kim Ha-sung paid the money on the condition that the opponent did not directly or indirectly contact him or do any disadvantageous actions. Nevertheless, the opponent player repeatedly violated the agreement, such as contacting Kim Ha-sung again.

We plan to file additional charges against the opponent for defaming Kim Ha-sung by reporting false facts and manipulated photos of evidence to the media, and if the offense against the player continues in the future, we will not condone it and hold him responsible for civil or criminal matters, Lim Hye-dong recently claimed in an interview with a YouTuber that he was habitually assaulted by Kim Ha-sung. In response, Kim Ha-sung once again sued Lim Hye-dong. If the first complaint is alleged blackmail and attempted blackmail, this time it is violation of the Information and Communication Network Act defamation.

Choi Seon, Kim Ha-sung’s legal representative, added, We regret that Lim Hye-dong, the accused, is speaking false information as if he had been unilaterally and repeatedly assaulted, and we hope that no further dissemination of false information will take place.

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